About Fireplace Insert Propane

A fireplace insert is typically a smaller version of the original fireplace that is specially designed for insertion into an existing fireplace, thus the name. It does not really matter if your fireplace at home is a factory built unit or masonry. The inserts are deliberately designed to create a more efficient fireplace and also enhance your living room’s look. A fireplace insert is divided into five types such as pellet, wood burning, b-vent, vent free and direct vent.

As you already know, there are five types of inserts and you might be a little overwhelmed with choosing the one you will acquire. One important consideration is the cost and the availability of the needed fuel. If the gas supply you have includes propane or natural gas, your options are direct vent, b-vent or vent-free. On the other hand, if you have a massive supply of wood, then it is obvious that you should get a wood-burning insert instead. However, if it is efficiency that you want, you cannot go wrong with a pellet insert. And the photos bellow are fireplace insert propane as reference.

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Natural Gas Fireplace Inserts

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