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Choosing the right type of mantel to your antique fireplace is the most important factor to look at. Completely different house motifs require different types of fireplace mantels. For older homes that are preserved nicely that homeowners would wish to further preserve an old fireplace mantel would be suitable. We are referring to colonial-type houses. The antique mantels have this definite ageless quality in them that brings back the designs of old eras. It is possible for you to inform by the quality of expertise and possibly by wear and tear. Vintage mantels only come in the size that they have been made in. So in case you purchase an antique fireplace mantel make sure it fits your space and covers the firebox well. You may want to add a stone or materials along the inside of it surround in order to properly conceal the firebox if the mantel piece is slightly bigger than your firebox.

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A well designed fireplace with reveal elegance and sophistication in our homes, this is especially true with an antique look. People pay a premium for them because they are rare and had lived through a number of years. These are also expensive because they produce such a superb look for your living area. If you don’t have what most people would consider a dated look, you can bring out the traditional antique flair with a new screen. These are usually used along with an antique mantel fireplace and other accessories to create an exceptional form with the feeling of historical presence.

Screens will always be associated with the fireplace. Among all other accessories, this is probably the most important to make the it function effectively. The basic purpose of the creation was for protection, so you can do whatever you want to around the house without worrying over the emissions of fire like ash, sparks and smoke. These embers can also start a fire in your house if it reaches flammable materials like your carpet. As time passed, people began to discover their unique decorative value. Aside from assuring safety on winter nights when people seek warmth, it had begun to be seen as an enhancement to the room.

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Antique fireplace screens are often made of a durable material called wrought iron. It is a material known to last since it can withstand the extreme heat from the fireplace. What is important is that you clean it regularly to preserve its form and beauty. At present, because of its exquisiteness, several manufacturers have discovered how to create the traditional look at a reduced cost. At the present time, these look the same as the genuine antiques and are available at a much lower price.

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