Backyard Pond Design Ideas

Find the Backyard Pond Design Ideas here. Most backyard, however small, are improved with the addition of a pond. Including water in your garden will encourage beneficial wildlife, and will create a wonderful backdrop to summer entertaining. Water park and backyard pool for butterflies, frogs, birds, fish, you, and the whole family. This pond may be small, maybe even no larger than 3 to 4 feet in diameter. This may be a fish pond built in the backyard can be done by adding a water park. It will not only give pleasure and interest but also a natural and relaxing environment as well. A fish pond in your backyard may become the focal point of your backyard conversation. So spice it up
with this tips and techniques.

Backyard Pond Design Ideas with Koi Fish

backyard pond ideas

Getting started to build backyard pond

Once you have decided where and what type of pond to build, begin by marking out your chosen area boundaries with a length of hosepipe or a line of sand, so you know where to dig.

  • Dig out your chosen shape to the required depth and check that it is level it is worth taking a time over this, as the pond will look better if the water comes exactly to the top of the liner all the way round.
  • Remove sharp stones which might pierce the liner from the bed of the pond before adding a pond underlay which is rot and root resistant. You can use heavy sand, but since it is penetrable by rocks and organic matter, underlay is a better long-term solution.
  • Now lay your liner into the hole, over the underlay. Work round the pond folding and tucking to achieve a neat finish then add water.
  • When full, cut off excess liner with a sharp knife. Be sure to leave at least fifteen centimetres excess around the edge of the pond this can then be covered with soil and planted or disguised with attractive rocks.
  • To create varied habitats within your pond, create gently sloping shallows. Deep water is fine, but a number of different depths will attract a wider range of creatures.

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Backyard Pond Design Ideas with Fountain

backyard pond ideas with waterfall

Where to Put a Fish Pond in Your Backyard?
Place your fish pond in a place where you can see it, whether from kitchen, bedroom, deck or terrace. Make it coincide with the natural environment. Do not put a pool where the sun can be too hot. Better fish ponds are in the shade, but not under the trees. Do not place the pond under the trees to avoid fallen leaves into the pond. This technique will also provide less maintenance to the pond. Expose the pond to sufficient sunlight only since some aquatic plats grow well in full sun and others do not.

Backyard Small Pond Ideas

When is the right time for Pond Installation?
The rest of your pool building when the soil is not too wet or frozen. Dig the hole to fit the depth and the right place and tighten the pool liner. Then landscaping the surrounding pool. Remove the rocks from the surrounding area. Add water, plants, and pumps. Let the pond sit a few days before adding plants and fish. Let the plants settle for at least a week before placing the fish.

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Then sit back and enjoy your new awesome backyard fish pond and read also Backyard Design Ideas with Pool when you want to build a beautiful easy backyard design.

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