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Walking through my neighborhood some time ago I’ve noticed a lack of green surfaces in my neighborhood area. Living in one of high-rising resident areas, I completely disregarded this fact. Coming from a smaller town I am used to having meadows, forests and mountains at the grip of my hand. So naturally I started to brainstorm for ideas to find a solution. I want a beautiful cottage garden design ideas for my home.

Cottage gardens are designed to be casual and carefree. They are supposed to look natural, as if the plants just grew where they wanted to. Since there really is no space left to plant a tree or even a patch of grass, around these high-raising towers, I began to look for other suitable surfaces. After a while I noticed that there are a lot of balconies, roofs and terraces around, crying to be useful.

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Most cottage gardens are in an enclosed area like a backyard or even a front yard. They are usually bordered by a picket fence, although a stone wall is often used and looks good too. A cottage garden is surrounded by a picket fence or stone wall, they are casually planted, the flowers grown are predominantly old-fashioned self-seeding varieties, accessories and pathways are made of natural materials, and vintage items are used in unexpected ways. There are only a few rules when making a cottage garden.

I must planning your cottage garden design, in cottage gardens to grow some type of fruit-bearing tree. Choose a dwarf variety for your urban garden. Add flowering vines for vertical interest and to frame the upper levels of the garden. Place plants in groups of three or five of a kind. They’ll make more of a statement that way and will eventually grow to resemble one large specimen. Let them cascade onto the paths. Plant everything closer together than in a traditional garden. The look you’re going for is a varied mass of vegetation. Choose old fashioned types of flowers and old fashioned varieties are suit for cottage garden. Hollyhocks, foxgloves, roses, peonies, daisies, poppies, garden mums, and delphiniums. Plant annuals that self-seed readily, such as marigolds, cosmos, zinnias, calendulas, sweet alyssum, and roses.

We can use brick or natural stone to make pathways that curve gently throughout the garden. Keep their breadth in scale with both the garden’s size and the scale of the plantings. Make some of the paths curve out of sight and end near a specimen plant or focal point. Also we can add accents and accessories of natural materials. Natural unpainted wood, wicker and bamboo are perfect for the cottage garden. Every cottage garden have different but they’re all beautiful.

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English cottage garden
A driveway and garden are usually the first impressions a visitor has of your home. They should always be as trim and well cared for as your house itself. Naturally, landscaping, like most things, depends on individual taste. Some people prefer a wild, natural look in gardens and outdoor areas. Others prefer the clipped hedges, planned walks, planting and ordered flower borders of the stylized English garden. Before planning your landscape, check the zoning regulations of your community, if you live in the city.

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Having a beautiful garden can add peace and tranquility to any home and is certainly pleasing to the eye. It must be wonderful to hear friends and family comment on your pristine grounds. Your garden design can reflect and compliment your personal style and taste of your home environment. Like the living rooms of your house, the garden or recreation area is for the comfort and enjoyment of your family. No stock set of plans answers the needs of all. You must first decide what your family needs are, and then plan a garden to meet them, while designing a garden typically does imply a smaller, and more intimate project than an entire landscape plan, the main principles are indeed the same. You should take some time to carefully plan out exactly what you want to do with your garden before you begin.

If you are getting stumped and stuck for ideas, then research is what you will need to do. Magazines, home and garden television shows, and even neighbors yards can give you plenty of garden, landscape, and property ideas to look at for hours on end. As you look through these resources, you may get lucky enough to find a perfect match for your plot of earth. Usually though that is not the case, so it’s typically better to look for several different ideas that will work for your purposes and then put them all together with your own ideas. Hope these Beautiful cottage garden design ideas will inspiring you.

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