Direct Vent Fireplaces for Your Home

Direct vent fireplaces has gained immense popularity among the buyers because of their convenient utility and attractive designs. Moreover one of the chief points that are considered while selecting a gas fireplace is that the space saving feature of the unit. These modern fireplaces are available in both wall-mountable and free standing options. The technology used in these fireplaces is versatile enough to warm the entire room irrespective of its positioning.

A great example of the versatility of direct vent gas fireplace is the transparent gas fireplace. The most unconventional and modern designs of the fireplaces help them to fit in any room including kitchen, dining and living rooms. There are several other fascinating designs of direct vent gas fireplace available in the market. You can choose the branded pieces to enjoy better performance for life time.

direct vent fireplaces

direct vent gas fireplace inserts

direct vent gas fireplaces

direct vent gas insert fireplace

These fireplaces are really a resort compared to the traditional counterparts that involved a lot of hassles like stacking up woods and burning them with a newspaper. Ashes, stray embers and crackling sound added up to the inconvenience. Now most of the home owners have replaces the older fireplaces with modern age propane powered direct vent gas fireplace. They need no chimney and are geared with channeled vents that pass through roofs or walls. Thus these models provide you with the freedom of placing them at any corner in your home.

The direct vent gas fireplace comes with the provision of easy installation at the corner or even on the walls, the installation cost for this variety of gas fireplace is really negligible. Another reason for choosing these fireplaces is the high end technology used by the manufacturers. You are able to save a lot on energy bills. These fireplaces are quite convenient compared to fireplaces that burn on wood. There are no additional costs for firewood stacks. Only cost is buying gas as fuel.

direct vent linear fireplace

Direct Vent Propane Fireplace

Direct Vented Gas Fireplace

direct vent freestanding gas fireplace

While considering a gas fireplace for your home, you can opt for advanced features paying a little extra. In return you can get extra storage space, remote controller for temperature and humidity and many more. These accessories will certainly enhance the home heating experience in a better way. You can choose from multiple designs of direct vent gas fireplaces available in classic American as well as modern sleek styles.

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