Electric Fireplace Ideas for Living Room

Electric fireplaces can be created in an existing wood or gas fireplace when you add an electric fireplace insert and log set. The log sets give a very realistic wood-fire look to your insert, and the insert provides a much more energy efficient option to a wood fireplace that loses so much heat up the flue and chimney. View the following pictures about electric fireplace ideas for living room.

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electric fireplace with crystals

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One of these models also functions as a mini-heater. As opposed to having to cut, load, and ignite logs like you would with a traditional fireplace, all that needs to be done is switch the unit on and choose the temperature. This is a great feature for any homes that do not want to put in a lot of money on heating during the winter, as electric fireplaces take up very little heat to function and heat a medium-sized room.

If you have never gazed upon an electric fireplace, then you may not know that they look like 100% real traditional models. When on, it looks like there are logs inside and they are on fire like they would in real fireplaces. If you want that fireplace feel but not the fireplace heat in the hotter seasons, most models also allow you to turn on the display without turning on the heat. So unlike log models, you can get that warm glow even if it is hot outside.

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