Electric Fireplace Log Inserts

Electric fireplace log inserts are also known as electric fireplace inserts and are a stylish way to introduce heating to a home, lending a warm ambience to a room as well as heating it effectively and affordably.
The essence of fireplace logs is that they are artificial moulds of wooden logs, sculpted in either ceramic or plastic, and designed to look as close to a real wood burning fire as possible. Sometimes they are pre-moulded and painted, and the more expensive ones are hand painted with dark charcoal areas and brighter ember areas. Heat comes from an area around the logs, not from them directly.

Some fireplace log inserts also have sounds, the crackling and roaring noises you can hear from a real wood fire. This is an optional extra in some cases and may or may not add to the ambience, depending on your personal preferences. Often fireplaces can be quiet anyway, particularly those with a glass door at the front.

Electric Fireplace Log Inserts

electric fireplace log inserts with blower

Electric Fireplaces That Look Real

In the case of electric fireplace inserts, lights are inserted into the artificial logs and they can be candelabra lights, LED lights or a combination of the two. The lights can flicker, to give an authentic roaring fire look and feel. The most expensive versions of electric logs use a combination of both and the effect is quite dazzling.
Some models of electric fireplace have 3D flame effects that us a mirror at the back of the logs to project an image of flickering flames above the logs so it is really hard to tell that it is not a real fire in the fireplace.

The best electric fireplace logs have the option of turning the heat off but keeping the fire effect on. This enables the flickering glow of the realistic fire to be switched on during overcast days or when the ambiance is required, but not the warmth of the heater.

Electric Fireplace logs lend alot of ambience to a room and can turn an old disused fireplace into a low-maintenance focal point for a room and home.

Electric Fireplace Logs No Heat

electric fireplace no heat

electric fireplace inserts menards

Electric Fireplace Inserts Lowes

electric fireplace inserts with blower

Electric Fireplace Rochester Ny

elec fireplace insert

And unlike a fireplace with mantle – electric or wood burning are the in-the-wall design saves space and presents numerous opportunities for unique installations limited only by your imagination.

A built in fireplace also offers health benefits and convenient operation not found with a wood burning fireplace. You and your family will avoid harmful gases, air born particulates, and the continual labor required to operate and maintain a wood burning fireplace are never mind the mess.

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