Electric Fireplaces for the Winter Season

There are a good amount of benefits to electric fireplace for the winter season to take into consideration if you are considering getting a fireplace but are not sure about it. A wall mount electric fireplace also offers that same trademark feel, without the space hogging that is normally needed to have one set up.
If you have a new home that is located in an area where fireplaces must be highly energy efficient and must not emit any smoke, or if you have an older home to which you would like to add a fireplace but there is no way to change the outer structure to include a chimney, then you might want to consider adding electric fireplaces. You can find a wall mount electric fireplace along with free-standing stove electric fireplaces. The fireplace showrooms will have a wide selection of fireplaces on display when you go to visit them in your quest to buy electric fireplace units for your home.

An electric fireplace will add a warm touch to any home. One of the many benefits that come from installing modern electric fireplaces in your home is that you will not have to perform extensive remodeling to vent smoke outside of the living area, because they give off no smoke. Another advantage that a contemporary electric fireplace will give you is that there is no messy ash and soot cleanup, as is required with traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Of cource you need Electric Fireplaces For The Winter Season and the pictures bellow are ideas of electric fireplace.

electric fireplace insert with blower

Electric Fireplace with Blower

electric fireplace heater costco

Electric Fireplace Flush Mount

electric fireplace wall mount

Mostly due to the installation costs, a traditional model of fireplace is generally much more expensive than an electric model. Wall mounted electric models are especially cheaper as they are generally smaller than a floor-based unit. It is even possible to get a wall mount electric fireplace unit that is as small as a medium-sized picture frame, which is even cheaper.

When you choose a modern electric wall fireplace, you will add a great deal of style to your home’s interior design aesthetic. A wall mount electric fireplace will add a focal point to any room, causing the eye to gravitate there. The modern electric wall fireplace will also improve the appearance of your room, as well as provide an efficient heating source to your home.

electric fireplace costco

Electric Fireplaces at Sears

Most traditional plug-in electric fireplace mantels are not capable of hard wiring into a 220 volt circuit due to firebox design limitations. However, with a built in electric fireplace, you have the option of plugging it into a standard 110 volt outlet or hard wiring it into a 220 volt circuit. A built-in, 220 volt fireplace requires a bit of carpentry to install since its recessed and mount flush to the wall, but the eye catching results are worth the effort. Beyond visual appeal, they offer the opportunity to double the heating capacity of a conventional electric fireplace. Detailed installation instructions are included with every unit and are within the skill set of an experienced do-it-yourself-er with good knowledge of electric circuitry. Since 220 volt fireplaces are built-in, they can be installed in exterior as well as interior walls and make stunning patio heaters. The flame effect for electric fireplaces in general has come a long way in recent years approaching the realism of actual flames. As an added bonus practically every type of electric fireplace lets you use the flame effect with or without heat for year round enjoyment. The log set is included with the firebox and options such as stainless steel trim, bi-fold glass doors, and wall mounted thermostat can be added to enhance appearance and functionality.

electric log inserts for existing fireplaces

electric fireplace two sided

electric fireplace blue flame

electric inserts for fireplaces

You can also buy electric fireplace systems that come as freestanding stoves. These stoves look wonderful in a room adorned in a traditional interior design style. If you are building or remodeling extensively, you can also purchase electric fireplaces that can be built into your home. This gives you a beautiful look that you can customize more easily to your specifications.

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