Fireplace Fans and Blowers

Fireplace Fans and Blowers – Fireplaces have been traditionally associated with cold weather and chilly nights. Almost all houses, whether rich or poor, use fireplaces as a source of heating the room. But heat generated from the fireplace can seldom warm up the entire room. Only that portion of the room which is in the immediate vicinity of the fireplace remains cozy and warm, whereas the far end remains cold and unaffected.

Fireplace blowers consist of a set of tubes which are connected to a bigger connecting tube. These tubes collect the hot air accumulated over the fireplace. A fan which is fitted into the system sprays or blows the hot air into the different parts of the room. This technology is a great addition to the gas lit fireplaces which are usually ventless. The necessity of the blower has become widely accepted and nowadays, it has become customary to have the blower built into the fireplace itself.

But in case you don’t have an inbuilt one, you can go for an add-on. Individual fireplace blowers are available on the market which can be bought and installed into the already existing fireplace. Installation can be a bit of a problem, although all the “how-to” instructions come with the package itself. If you are confident, then go ahead and do it yourself. But if you do not want to take any risks then it’s better to use the help of a professional.

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fireplace fans and blowers

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