Fireplace Gas Logs Review

During the year when the warm breeze starts to roll in, a lot of people still find the use of gas fireplace logs to be quite handy. This is because nothing compares to the pleasure and luxury of sitting next to a nice and warm fire along with the members of your family. Gas fireplaces are designed to offer the exact same comfort of this scenario. I used to think that fireplace gas logs look cheap. I am a big believer in form following function. If you are having a fire in the fireplace, that is fine. Fireplace logs look the way they do because that is what they are. If you have a gas burning fireplace, for what reason would you want it to look as if it was a real wood burning fireplace full of real logs? It doesn’t make sense. It’s kind of nostalgia to use a fireplace gas log. If you want a real wood burning fire, have one. Otherwise don’t.

Choosing between vented and vent free logs. These are the two main categories of logs for gas fireplaces. Choosing between these two categories is solely based on personal preference. If you have tried both of these types in the past and you already know which one works better for you, then you can readily make a choice. Determining whether you are going to use vented or vent free logs will help you narrow down your choices.

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The fireplace gas logs looked so realistic. The fireplace style was almost exactly the same as the one we had when I was young, and each fireplace gas log looked like it had been hand split and thrown on a pile of wood. for someone who grown up burning real fire place logs I had to admit that it provided a persuasive reproduction. I wondered what would happen if you grew up in a house that burns fireplace gas logs? Would a real fireplace burning real wood look like an attempt to simulate the cozy fire that you had grown up with? Would you never become attached to fire in the same way that people who grew up burning wood were? It really is hard to know.

When I was over at my friend house who has fireplace gas logs, I was really impressed with the realism. The fireplace gas logs really looked like the original. For years I have been burning wood in my fireplace. In the middle of the room where I grew up, there was free standing fireplace. We still had the old wood burning stove that used to heat the house although my parents had installed internal heating. It looked great and cozy and was very practical. The entire house was heated in a easy way.

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