Gas Fireplace Accessories

The amount of Gas Fireplace Accessories available is amazing. Everyone with a wood-burning fireplace needs a special rolling wood cart, right? Ever singed your eyebrows, or burned your fingers by kneeling on the hearth and trying to blow embers back to life in a wood burning fireplace? Well, now you can get your very own long firetool jet that even is said to work better than bellows. For instance, have you ever heard of Fatwood? Fatwood is a resin enriched kindling that will actually instantly ignite thus it does away with other kindling, newspapers and chemicals that pollute.

While a fireplace has always been a popular edition to a home, they are often very costly to install. With a ventless gas fireplace, you now have an option that will not cost nearly as much to have in your home. While trying to put a wood burning fireplace in your home can run you deep into a 5 figure remodel cost, a natural gas burning fireplace can cost you less than 20% of that on a bad day. The manufacturer claims that you can reflect 80% more heat from your wood-burning fireplace if you use these stainless steel panels behind the burning wood. They also claim that the panels will also amplify and promote the ambiance of a fire in your fireplace.

Manufactures have stepped it up and have really given the public what it is that they have been looking for. In today’s challenging economy more and more people are deciding to upgrade and remodel their homes rather than sell. Having a proper well functioning propane gas fireplace on your porch or backyard is giving home owners the desired extra square footage that they are looking for and at the same time allowing them to have a well lit and warm place to entertain their guests and relax in the outdoors and indoors.

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Cast iron andirons come in all sizes and definitely in all shapes. No matter where your interests lie, there are andirons that fit your interests. There are dog, cat and horse andirons, among hundreds of others.
There’s a special hot ash vacuum cleaner that enables you to suck up even hot ashes thanks to its special filter system and fireproof steel holding chamber. You can use it even in small pellet stoves, as it has a special hose to facilitate that job.

Especially beveled glass fire screens allow you to watch the fire yet be totally protected from flying embers and sparks emanating from the fire. Beveled glass allows the beauty of the fire to come through beautifully.
There are also some incredible hearth candelabras that you can light instead of a fire when it’s too warm for a fire, yet desire the romantic flickering of firelight to fill the room. Gives off a warm and pleasant glow too. You will be very happy that you own fireman’s shield gloves if a log come rolling out of the fireplace. They are made so that you can actually pick up that log without coming to harm and throw it back into the fireplace where it belongs.

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