How to Measuring Fireplace Screens

Tips on measuring Fireplace Screens
One of the benefits of a fireplace screen is it hides the woods and the ashes inside the fireplace. You do not have to worry about the measurement of your fireplace because screen for the fireplace is available in different shapes and sizes. You just have to know the precise measurement of your fireplace and you can find a fireplace screen that fits.

Your fire screen should not be too small or too large. Measure the height and width of the hearth and the fireplace opening. Too short or narrow screen may allow ash or sparks to escape from the fireplace. A screen that is too tall and wide may block the view of the fireplace. When choosing a hinged screen with a single center panel, make sure that the center panel should be the same width as the fireplace opening.

A fireplace screen can enhance any room but choose only the best quality products that offer a lifetime warranty. Aesthetics and safety should be your primary consideration.

Fireplace Screens come in a variety of sizes, type and shapes, so you can find one that fits your fireplace and your room perfectly. Here are the most common fireplace screens styles:

mid century modern fireplace screen

peacock fireplace screen

white fireplace screen

black fireplace screen

wrought iron fireplace screens

bronze fireplace screens

nickel fireplace screen

For the best fireplace screen purchase, it is recommended to ponder on the design, safety and the function. Doing your homework in researching the different fireplace screen types can help you find the best quality. Knowing certain information about fireplace screens and fireplace accessories can help you determine the appropriate fireplace parts to purchase.

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