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Here are several koi pond design ideas for your garden backyard. If you are considering setting up a koi pond in your garden, be sure that you are prepared first. The first thing that you will want to do if you are considering setting up a pond in your garden, is to choose a proper location. Before you begin any digging, take some measurements, and make sure that you will have enough room for the pond that you intend to use. When you are ready to begin your Koi pond design the first thing you will need to determine is where you want to put your pond. When deciding on placement there are several things to take into account.
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Just as on the maintenance of aquarium fish, water volume or a bigger pool will also provide more stability on water conditions. Often, this is limited by the space available for your pond. Although most Koi sold are young Koi and averages from 10 cm to about 50 cm, Koi can grow to as large as 1 meter in length. Size and bulk is one criterion when Koi are judged at Koi shows. Koi need space to thrive and some Koi experts have claimed that growth rate is proportional to pond size and volume of water per Koi. You should go for the largest pond that you can fit into the available space in your garden or house. Pond depth should ideally be at least 1.2 meters or about 4 feet. Pond surface area is usually limited by the space available in our home or garden. A deeper pond would allow for greater pond pond volume per unit of surface area. A deeper pond Also would help keeps the water cooler in hot, sunny weather. Hence, a deeper pond is good for the Koi growth but one has to be mindful of the proportion of the depth versus the size of the pond.

You will need to decide if you will purchase a preformed pond, or build it yourself. You will want to make sure that your pond is at least three feet deep. This will ensure that your koi will stay healthy, and safe from predators. If small children live nearby, you will probably want to consider fencing in this garden pond area.

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You may want to consider making this garden pond and organic one. Any chemicals which are used can cause harm to your koi. Even the smallest amount can become fatal. Make sure that your pond is not located near any garden equipment, which may have chemicals on them. You will also want to make certain that you are near enough to an electrical outlet, in order to operate your pond’s pump. This will save a great deal of money in having one installed.

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Koi pond design ideas with plantsChoosing koi fish for your pond, if you decide to have plants in your koi pond, you must choose very wisely. Koi notoriously will dig up most plants which are in their area. A good choice would be lilies. This will offer your koi fish shade, and a place to hide from potential predators.

Koi ponds do better in a shaded or partially shaded area rather than in full sun. You can place a Koi pond in full sun, but a shadier area will slow algae growth considerably and helps prevent the water from becoming too hot during the warm summer months. If you build your pond in a sunny location you might want to consider putting up an arbor or awning to provide your pond with some shade. You might also want to consider having an area of the pond at an increased depth and cultivating some floating pond plants to provide some cooler areas and cover. Shade also helps with protecting your Koi from predators, it gives them a place to hide. And, believe it or not, Koi can get sunburned so having some shade gives them a place to go to keep out of the direct sunlight. There is a need to keep the water cool, especially during summer or if you live in a hot country, warm water does not carry oxygen as well as cold water. Anyhow, some shade will be good for Koi.

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