Limestone Fireplaces Pictures

Limestone fireplaces – Stone mantels are usually built of limestone, granite and concrete. The best from among them are the ones which are made of limestone because they look very attractive as they have patterns of limestone effects in them and they are available in different colors. You can make your mantels out of concrete but they are usually in brown or gray color and this will give a dull effect to the room. You need to keep fancy and elegant mantel so as to improve the look of the room.

There are mantels which are made out of marble, they are more expensive than the stones which are usually limestone and granite. Marble mantels look very classy and they too easily blend with the environment giving a rich look to the place. If you are low on budget then you can buy stones and get fixed on the mantels which will cost low than having your custom built mantel. But one thing is for sure that stone mantels are extremely durable and you will have no need to change it from time to time as they can go on for a lifetime without causing any problems.

limestone fireplaces picture

limestone fireplace surrounds

limestone fireplace mantels

limestone fireplace design

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