Solar Fountains for Your Backyard Pond

When you renovate your backyard or are in the process of creating a small garden on your balcony, solar fountains for your backyard pond will be a great choice. They are easy to install and maintain. In addition it enhances the beauty of your garden. Maintenance costs can be minimized. Fountains are definitely a must in a garden. The sweet sound from the fountain relaxes and rejuvenates us. After a day full of stress and tension, when you spent few hours in your garden with Solar Fountains you will revitalize yourself and gain energy. With solar powered fountains the guilt feeling of spending hefty amount on electricity can also be ruled out. Not only that no wires have to be taken care of as it is run on solar energy. Architects always suggest fountains in the garden because it makes your outdoor more attractive and is good for your health. Revitalize and refresh without putting a hole into your pocket through Solar Fountains.

The main advantage of solar fountains is that they are environmentally friendly, non polluting and save electricity. They are low maintenance because they come with no moving parts and come with no wires attached, so you can easily install anywhere solar fountain for your pond in the backyard. Therefore, they are safe to keep small children and pets.

solar fountain for pond

solar pond fountain

Solar Pond Fountains

Nowadays a variety of solar pond fountains are available in different designs and shapes to match your design sensibilities. Solar Pond Fountains come in different models which are both attractive and run on solar energy. They are spring bird bath fountain, dual cascading fountain, tricycle solar fountain etc. The spring bird bath fountain includes solar powered submersible pump. It is made of durable ceramic and fiberglass composite construction. It keeps water circulating thus avoiding any algae deposit. The solar panel can be placed ten feet away. The dual cascading fountain has got an artistic touch. It is both affordable as well as a must for your garden. A tricycle fountain is a five tier fountain with a planter in front. All these models of Solar Fountains come with a year warranty period. In addition to this it also manufactures pond fountains, pool fountains, floating solar fountains, copper solar fountains etc.

solar pond aerator fountain

solar pond fountains and aerators

Solar Pond Fountain with Battery

Solar pond fountain with battery – Solar fountains come with a solar panel of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity and a pump to circulate the water. If you want them to function at night, you must have a battery backup for the fountain. Hence, you must place the panel in direct sunlight for the fountain to function effectively. The amount of sunlight available also determines the flow of water from the fountain. You can install the fountain indoor by placing the solar panel outside in direct sunlight.

solar fountains for pond

Fountains Powered by Solar Energy – Solar energy is the heat and light that we get from the sun. It is a renewable source of energy. Solar Fountains is a pioneer in the field of fountain manufacturing solely run on solar energy. In today’s world everybody is aware about global warming and its harmful effects. Climatic changes like a tsunami are the best example to show how much it has affected our lives. Every body is trying to contribute something to the Mother Nature. The best way would be switching to renewable sources of energy such as sunlight, wind, etc.

Well Solar Fountains have practically solved our problem. If you have a garden or a balcony you can place fountains there, enjoy the sweet sound and greenery. It is the best way to relax without using any electricity.

solar fountain pond

solar fountains for large ponds

Solar fountains for large ponds – You may choose fountains for large pond from a variety of styles and designs like classic or contemporary, or in antique finish. Some fountains come with pedestals while others are standalone units. You may even have floating fountains for swimming pools that add a fun element to your kids. Other fountain designs can double up as birdbaths or decorative lanterns for outdoor lighting. The fountains come with integrated solar panels in innovative and neat designs. If you want to place the fountain in a shaded area like a patio, you must place the panel in direct sunlight. For convenience, you can opt for fountains with solar panels attached cord for greater flexibility and placement. New age fountains come in a variety of styles in materials like stainless steel and fiberglass in the shape of different animals and figurines or abstract forms. They can be in bright colors for the modern look or giving a stone finish for the aged look.

You can choose a simple ceramic or terracotta fountain that is economical and easy to install. Small birds can invite birds to your doorstep. You can choose a solar fountain in an antique finish like a bronze age or an intricate piece of sculpture. The solar pump can continuously circulate the water fresh, and reduce the need for constant cleaning and maintenance.

solar powered fountains for ponds

solar powered pond fountain

Solar powered pond fountain – At present there is depletion of energy sources and future are dim unless we begin to harness natural energy sources such as solar. Therefore, there is an increasing effort to adapt solar energy to run modern machines as well as articles of everyday world such as fountains. You can beautify your garden backyard by simply adding a beautiful fountain in a pond. The sound of water flowing from the fountain offers a soothing atmosphere that can relieve stress.

solar powered fountain for pond

solar power water pump for pond and fountain

Where to Buy Your Solar Fountains for Your Backyard Pond?
There are many great locations where you can start your search for your backyard fountain. Home Improvement stores, such as Home Depot, Lowes and other store or online store will generally offer a wide selection of aquatic fountains, and usually at the lowest cost. A local nursery garden or landscaper may carry or even be able to special order that hard find item, although it may cost you more. When buying a fountain always buy from a reputed dealer so that there are no issues regarding maintenance and replacement of defective parts. Fountains are economical and last for a long time and are thus a great investment. Solar fountains are thus a simple way to enhance your natural surroundings at very nominal costs. Finally, there are many fine online retailers which carry a wide variety of outdoor pond fountains at many different cost levels.

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