Tropical Garden Design

When we imagine of tropical garden design, we instantly imagine white sand beaches as well as palm trees. If you wish to have a bit of this soothing atmosphere, then you should be on the hunt for tropical garden landscaping ideas. If I may say so, it will even really feel like you are having a vacation every day of the year if you have this type of surroundings right in your own garden.

tropical garden design landscape

tropical garden design ideas

tropical garden design with oak trees

tropical garden design plants

Tropical garden design with plants – Plants play a very essential role in achieving the tropical feel of your garden design ideas. The choice of plants you are going to feature in the landscape is one important thing you need to focus on. In choosing the plants, you need to think of those kind which is easily associated with the main theme of your landscape, which, in this case is the tropics.
For instance, when you imagine tropical vacation, you can right away picture out palm trees. The same goes when choosing which sort of flowering plants and ground covers you are going to use.

Tropical Garden Design with Pool

Tropical garden design with Water Features
Water is one of the essential attribute in tropical garden landscape ideas. Most panorama of these types consist of a pool as the main attraction of the whole scenery. If a pond is out of the question, have at the very least a fountain or a pond included. Water is both refreshing and very in. There is something certainly relaxing when we get to hear squirts or even the mild sounds made by flowing water. Therefore, this aspect helps tremendously in achieving the look along with the feel of your garden scenery.

tropical garden design

Transform your Backyard into a Tropical Garden Ideas

  • Install Bamboo Fencing throughout your backyard for an instant tropical feel. You can cover or completely replace unsightly fences with bamboo fencing. You can either use rolled bamboo fencing for this project or bamboo tiki poles.
  • Landscape your backyard with elegant palm trees, and rich tropical flowers. This step is key when trying to create a warming tropical feel.
  • Provide poolside lounge seating for your guests, with small tables for drinks and snacks.
  • Add custom tiki statues and tiki torches to set the exotic mood.
  • Add a sand pit for volleyball games or you can use it as a play area for children.
  • Install a bamboo tiki bar for entertaining your guests. Don’t forget to stock your bar, your guests will be anxious to have a drink once they see your backyard paradise.
  • Invest in some vivid pool lighting to make your backyard look remarkable during all hours of the night.
  • Outdoor speakers can complete this feeling with tropical or relaxing ambient tunes. After a few fruit juice drinks you can liven up the party with some upbeat dance music.

tropical garden design with bamboo plants

The best way to create that sought-after exotic tropical garden feel is to enhance and accent with various, palm trees, and additional tropical decor. Bamboos are a group of woody, fast-growing perennial evergreen plants. When treated, bamboo can form a very hard, lightweight, and durable wood. Because bamboo is durable, flexible, versatile, and environmentally-friendly, it has long been used for a variety of applications. For example, bamboo has been used for construction, architecture, musical instruments, medicine, decor, food, and much more.

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