Types of Fireplaces

Types of Fireplace Designs For Your Home
Electric Fireplace
The electric fireplace is not as common as most others – but it has its possibility. It is powered through electricity instead of wood burning. This makes it somewhat easier to use and less of a cleanup when you are finished with it.

electric fireplace

electric gas fireplace inserts

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heat n glo electric fireplace

Stone Fireplace
The stone fireplace is more elegant than the brick – betting on the stone that is used. It has the possibility to be bigger then common fireplaces and to allow you the option of using it in every type of home that you live in. Even modern homes can play around with this design and turn it into something truly unique.

stone fireplace

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natural stone fireplaces

pavestone outdoor fireplace

stone fireplace kits

Corner Fireplace
Who says that you need to set the fireplace in the middle of one wall? Anybody who has a smaller room is able to use a corner fireplace. These are smaller then the average fireplace and are able to be transported to anyplace you want. This makes them easy to utilize and to keep for a long time.

Corner Fireplace

small corner direct vent gas fireplace

Wood fireplaces
Wood fireplaces are one of the more common forms of fireplaces that will find in a house. Because it is constructed out of brick implies that it is long lasting and simple to maintain. It also implies that it is neutral and can be used in most types of houses. Depending on the size and colors used it might work well in a conventional and contemporary home. Yet, it may not be right for a home that is modern.

wood fireplaces

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