Vent Free Gas Fireplace

Vent free gas fireplaces are an excellent way to improve the decor of any room in your household. The biggest plus of a vent free fireplace is the minimal installation requirements. This of vent free fueled fireplace can be installed in virtually any room that can get access to your gas line, alternately if you cannot access a gas line a gel fueled vent free fireplace might be a better solution. Unlike traditional fireplaces the vent free type will not produce as much heat as a natural wood combustion fireplace or vented natural gas fireplace. They do provide decent heat in a single room as a secondary heat source.

You’ll find that vent free gas fireplaces come in virtually every style, design and color you could imagine. This includes wood, metal, fiberglass, stone and much more. You can order custom units but this will increase the price of the unit itself, there are companies that produce custom vent free fireplaces to match your current decor in your home. Also, with the ability to install the vent free fireplace anywhere you’d like in your house it the hardest decision is the actually style and design of the unit itself. View the pictures ideas about vent free gas fireplace in the following.

vent free gas fireplace

vent free gas fireplace firebox

vent free gas fireplace insert

vent free gas fireplace with mantel

vent free linear fireplace

vent free natural gas fireplace insert

vent free outdoor gas fireplace

vent free propane fireplace insert

There are several security issues to keep in mind when deciding on a ventless fireplace, no combustion source is truly vent-free, emissions still escape into the room with a vent free fireplace style. If you follow all the proper safety requirements for a ventless fireplace and make sure the unit is the right size for your room you’ll enjoy it for years to come. This is the best way to add the fireplace aesthetic look to your house at minimal cost.

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