Wall Mounted Ventless Gel Fireplaces

There are countless different designs of wall mounted ventless gel fireplaces on the market today. Most of these models are fueled by gel, but some do have the ability to be connected to a gas line. In terms of installation cost the ventless gel fireplaces are cheaper and easier to mount onto your wall. They come in all different designs and styles, you can get them in stone, wood, chrome, fiber glass, metal and many other different materials. With the wide range of styles you can find one that can match your current decor in any room of your household.

The gel fuel used in the wall mounted units is basically similar to the stuff used to keep food warm in picnics, you know the blue gel inside of the cans. Unlike the stuff used at picnics this fuel for ventless fireplaces can mimic the sounds and smells of a real wood burning fire and can burn up to 8 to 10 hours long with some formulas. Imagine having a wall mounted ventless fireplace in your bathroom during a nice hot bath or one burning above your bed before you fall asleep at night. If you want to learn more about wall mounted ventless fireplaces than see the Wall Mounted Ventless Gel Fireplaces Pictures below.

wall mounted ventless gel fireplaces

wall mount gas fireplace ventless

ventless wall mount gas fireplace

wall mount ventless gas fireplace

wall mount gel fuel fireplace

contemporary ventless gas fireplace

fuel gel fireplace

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