Wood Fireplace Design Ideas

Many of these wood fireplace design ideas have gorgeous mantels in place, and it would be terrible for the interior design aesthetic to rip those out and replace them with a contemporary style of fireplace. There are many reasons to add a fireplace insert. Homes that currently have old wood-burning fireplaces do not enjoy the energy efficiency that comes from a new wood burning fireplace insert because old fireplaces leak out the heat up through the flue and up the chimney to the outdoors, thus wasting fuel and adding to the cost of burning wood. You will see that just as your fireplace opening has specific sizes, so too does the fireplace insert. You can select the correct size of wood fireplace insert for your particular fireplace, so that the fit is perfect and you reach the best energy efficiency possible.

wood fireplace

wood fireplace with gas starter

wood fireplace mantles

wood gas fireplace

wood fireplace converted to gas

wood fireplace blower

wooden corbels for fireplaces

chimneyless wood fireplace

convert wood fireplace to electric

decorative wood mouldings for fireplaces

Fireplace Boxes for Wood Burning

fireplace doors with blower for wood burning

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