Wood Mantels for Fireplaces

Fireplaces are very important to houses because they give a warm temperature during winter season.Fireplaces can also be an interior to the room because of their fine-looking mantels. Thus, when you are considering to build or buy new one, you must first consider the wood mantels for fireplaces.

The comfortable heat these stoves provide allows you and your family to enjoy a cold wintery night at home with each other nice and warm. You have full control of the amount of heat given off the fireplace with the air control built into the wood burning stove, so if you feel like the stove is serving its purpose and the room starts to get a little too warm, it can easily be controlled. The wood mantels for fireplaces provides efficient heat, this is because it is not an open flame, and the fire is enclosed in the fire chamber.

mantel fireplace wood

A wood fireplace mantel has an exquisite aesthetic that provides a warm mood in the room.It provides an exquisite impression to the living room and bed room.You can choose different designs such as classic, contemporary, traditional, and modern look.A mantel manufactured from oak wood gives a traditional appeal to the room.A mantel made from cherry wood provides a chic look to your room.

wood beams for fireplace mantels

A wood fireplace mantel can be modified to fit a certain room.It provides a warm ambiance for family and friends.Moreover, having an attractive one in your living room provides a decor stand point for special family heirlooms such as important photographs.Another unique characteristic of it is it is not difficult to position in the desired place of the room.

wood mantels for fireplaces

wooden fireplace mantels

Two things to consider in selecting a fireplace are the efficiency and cost.A fireplace manufactured from solid wood is most proficient but it suits only to particular homes. Moreover, the fireplace mantel should be carefully looked at because it becomes an instant focal point of the room. If you like a cozy atmosphere then have a wood fireplace mantel for your space.

fireplace mantels wood beam

fireplace wood mantels

Fireplaces and Mantels

If you are decorating in symmetry, meaning the left side is the exact duplicate of the right side, this gives the room a more formal atmosphere. But if you apply asymmetry in decorating your mantel-meaning the left side is different from the right side-your room will feel more causal or relaxed. You should use symmetry on your fireplace mantel if you usually have formal dinners or meetings in that room and asymmetry if you use the room for relaxing and spending some time with your family. Some people still wonder if symmetry or asymmetry is better than the other. Actually, the answer to this is it depends on how you would like your room to appear.

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